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... Why Choose Tailored Home Care?


Our initial "Meet & Greet" consultation.        

Visits/walks with a second pet.          

Last minute visits/walks.                                 

Same day cancellations.

Early morning or late evening visits/walks.  

Medication administration.

Multiple litter box changes/scoopings. 

Spending additional time at visits for special circumstances.

Additionally, we are available 7 days a week, INCLUDING HOLIDAYS.



We also provide, free of charge, a full page of progress notes so you will be well informed of what transpired during each visit with your furry family member.  These notes include details of:

  • Potty breaks.

  • Play time.    

  • Learning new tricks.

  • Food / water / treats.                                 

  • Walking highlights.  

  • Medication updates. 

  • Home environment updates.

  • Any other noteworthy items.


Consider the following selection recommendations when choosing your pet sitter:

  1. Follow your "gut instinct" when interviewing your pet sitter.

  2. Observe how well your pet sitter interacts with you and your pet.    

  3. Request proof of bonding and liability insurance.

  4. Ask for multiple references.  

  5. Is your pet sitter courteous, professional and well-informed? 

  6. Does your pet sitter exhibit genuine nurturing and responsive qualities?


Tailored Home Care knows that your pet is the center of your universe. Our pet sitters are thoroughly checked by credible reference and background screenings. We are also proud members of organizations that exemplify the key standards of ethics, outstanding service and professional excellence.  Five of these organizations are outlined below:

Pet Sitters International (PSI) - Founded in 1994 as the first international association for professional pet sitters whose quality standards are the single most important tie that binds a pet owner to a quality caregiver.  "The mission of PSI is to serve as the educational and support organization for professional pet sitters. Their values and principles set the benchmark for pet sitters and serves as a set of guidelines for every PSI member to use in making decisions that will lead to improved pet sitting business practices, increased professionalism, a high standard of ethics, and ultimately to loyal clients.” 

In recognition of Professional Pet Sitters Week during March, 2011, PSI selected Tailored Home Care to share our story and featured us on their home page. And in 2012 Tailored Home Care was given the distinct honor of being featured in the March/April issue of "Pet Sitters World". Out of 7,500 PSI members, being one of the few chosen pet sitting companies to be highlighted speaks volumes about our unconditional commitment to our clients and their beloved furry family members. Their unwavering loyalty and support has enabled us to become the ultimate success story and we extend our heartfelt thanks to them for making a dream become a reality.

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) - was established by a handful of pet sitters in 1989  and currently operates as a nonprofit membership organization to provide support and serve as a voice for a growing industry.  Its “mission is to advocate for the welfare of animals, promote the value of pet sitting to the public, and provide the tools & support to foster the success of members’ businesses.” NAPPS offers a nationwide referral network for locating professional pet sitters across the country. This FREE service is provided to pet parents in order for them to learn about the details of a pet sitter’s knowledge and expertise.  NAPPS feels that once you experience professional pet care in your home, you’ll never worry about being away from your pet again.

Sittercity – Launched in 2001, Sittercity has created the world of online care giving with over a million provider profiles nationwide.  They offer tips and advice to narrow down your pet sitting options in order to select the right individual you will be allowing into your home and life.  Through Sittercity’s assistance, you will be guided through the interview and selection process of obtaining information on a perspective pet sitter by asking the “right” questions pertaining to background & experience, training & safety, as well as daily pet progress reporting techniques. 

Local Dog Walker (Renamed to Petsitting.com) -  Was created with you, the pet owner, in mind. They have produced an extensive network of high quality pet sitters and dog walkers who are insured and bonded.  Making the right choice for you and your pet can be quite stressful so Local Dog Walker provides this FREE service to you so you can relax, knowing that a professional & reputable individual is catering to your pet’s needs.

Care.com – Sheila and Ron Marcelo struggled with obtaining reliable care for their two sons and family pets.  They began to give consideration to a consumer internet business that could alleviate the very same frustrations they experienced by providing a simple means to secure trustworthy and dependable care.  And so, in 2006, Sheila and Ron founded Care.com so families had a means of easily connecting with a trusted place to obtain care for children, seniors, and pets.  This service enables folks select the best care possible based on detailed profiles, background checks & references of care providers. 

Roxy and Rex

Cal wants to make sure that Uncle Nate can keep a secret.

Tequila is quite cozy napping

in her sunroom. 

Leo insists that with a little positive thinking that he'll

be able to fit through

the kitty door. 

Pierre tries to convince Sophie that she can't take a nap

until after they finished


Pick me!   No, pick me!

Teddi doesn't mind rolling

up her sleeves to get

the job done. 

Tailored Home Care had the distinct honor of being the Pet Sponsor for the 2011 and 2012 "Spooky Tails & Trails" Event hosted by the Hamilton YMCA at Hamilton Veterans Park.

"A dog owns nothing yet is seldom dissatisfied."

                     - Irish Proverb

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