Testimonials from Parents of our Furry Children ...

Enjoy reading what clients have to say about our care.  There is no better feeling than experiencing the heartfelt gratitude of someone that shares our passion for loving our pets and understanding them on unspoken levels.  Our unconditional promise will always be to care for your pets as much as you do.

Nate and Doreen's sincerity and dedication to pet sitting services was extremely claer and obvious the second they met us and our Hubert.  We feel safe with them entering our home as I do with my family. Love the texts & updates.                             Ryan and Debbie - Hamilton

Nate, thank you so much for taking care of my precious twins, Balto and Bandit, with your twice daily visits.   I was delighted to receive updates during my visit to Central America and the photos put such a smile on my face.  You also took great care of my home and stacked the mail in an extremely neat pyramid!   This was my first time with you and will never look elsewhere.  I appreciate the peace of mind you allowed me to have.               Katie from Yardville

Doreen, just wanted to tell you and Nate what a heart giving service you provide in taking care of our pets.  It was so calming when I went on vacation to know that Bella and Gabby were having all their needs met and also to receive the daily texts.  What a feat this is that you both have undertaken.  Again thanks.  I really appreciate you  both.               Margaret - Hamilton

Connie is absolutely wonderful.  Frida waits by the window around 1:00 everyday. She keeps looking for her. Connie, thank you.  I can't tell you what a difference this has made for Frida and I.  She's happier at night I'm happier at night and that just flows to the next day. Thank you for Frida's Valentine. What a surprise. She loves you and what a difference in her. 

                                                                        Vickie - Lawrenceville

We never have to worry any more because we know you will take care of Harley, Snickers & Snowflake the way we do.  We really can't thank you enough.       Linda & Ted, Lawrenceville 

From the very first time that I spoke with you on the phone Doreen, I knew that you were filled with compassion and kindness.  Nate, when I saw you sit down on the floor with Lulu at the Meet & Greet, I knew you were a true animal lover who also knew how to make a timid pup feel safe.  Both of you have been angels to all three of us!                 Claudia & Dave, Yardville

We are thrilled to have you to care for our precious pups.  Your service is above and beyond what anyone could want.  We know they are in the best hands with you.   
    Dawn and Steve - Edgewater Park

Kit was very happy and content when we returned home so we know she had good play time and attention from her sitters. Thanks again for your great service!

                                                                Barb and Rob - Lawrenceville

Everything was amazing! Thank you soooo much again.  Our kids had an awesome time. We can't wait to have you visit again.                                      Nicole and Mike - Hamilton

All aspects of your service were outstanding!  You are both awesome!

                                                                        Maria & Chris - Yardville 

Overall professionalism, but when it came to my Kiwi, it was ALL personal. The regular updates & photos made me feel so happy and comfortable.                           Lisajoy - Hamilton

The texting to  us about her and updates.....you don't find that.   It makes you feel good about how your pet is doing.  Excellent service for our Guinness.  We can go away and feel comfortable that she is in great hands.                                              Pete & Kathy - Hamilton

I am so happy (as is Ruby) to have you be a part of in our lives and daily routine. I go to work feeling at ease because I know she is in such god hands. I can't thank you enough. You guys are awesome.                                                                Stephanie - Robbinsville

We had a wonderful experience.  Our pets were cared for on an excellent level. My family was able to go on a vacation with peace of mind knowing our furry family members were in great hands. We are extremely satisfied with what you provided!           Jennifer & John - Chesterfield

The love and consideration you show comes through your services and correspondence. Thank you so much.                                                            Nicole & Keith - Chesterfield

I really enjoy the narratives regarding the days' visit and enjoy receiving text messages regarding the visit.  Thank you for your great service!  I don't know why I didn't hire you sooner.

                                                                             Karen  - Hamilton

I am very, very happy for everything you did for Piper and Cocoa. They were especially well adjusted when I got home.....so much better than a kennel situation.  Everything was just great, including your every visit update.  Thanks for the pictures.  I will highly recommend you and will certainly use you again.                                                          Linda - Hamilton

Jennifer is wonderful - she is so prompt with responses and incredibly accommodating. She leaves my house perfect and my dogs are well taken care of as requested. Kyra is now blind due to her diabetes and Jen is so understanding of her special care withsteps and walks. I'm especially relieved that she has a medical background with animals because I know that if something is wrong she can recognize it!  She is a very pleasant person and goes above and beyond to provide great customer and pet service. I will be going on vacation the end of August and will be discussing my concerns for Kyra and Siena and I'm confident Jen can put my "mind at ease". Thank you again for your kindness and assistance with my animals.                           Cara - Hamilton 

Doreen & Nate, thank you both so very much for your flexibility with a 'last minute new client'! I am very grateful to you both, and feel very lucky to have found you guys!  I am really impressed with how things have gone thus far....both Frankie and Max seemed very relaxed and in very good spirits when I returned home.  Thank you again for looking after my little guys...I look forward to the text message updates -those make my day!!!                          Dawne - Bordentown


Thanks for the compliments on Max and more importantly, thanks for being so dedicated to his care. It is very obvious that you go above and beyond for the pets and I truly feel so lucky to have found you.  Thank you for the pictures. I love them! He is usually so hard to get good pictures of so I appreciate them!                                         Stacey - Hamilton

I cannot begin to thank you enough for having Jen available to help with Molly and Maddy. Jen is so sweet and takes such great care of the girls. It really helps to know that they are in such great care when they need attention if I'm away for the day. I just wanted you to know that all the extra attention and professionalism Jen provides is so greatly appreciated. It really helps ease my mind knowing I don't have to worry about the girls. You and your team really do take care of our kids like they are your own. I feel so fortunate that you were able to take us on as clients and really am so thankful to have found you and Jen for help with the girls. I figure they probably love Jen's visits more than being home with "Mom" because Jen is giving her full, undivided attention rather than "Mom" running around doing all the normal things you have to do! Plus the added bonus of your monthly newsletter which is always so informative and helpful!

                                                                       Lauren - Robbinsville, NJ

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Simon. You know how much he means to me, and how much I appreciate your care for him. He was fine when I got home at 11:00 PM last night. The pictures were great.  We'll be doing business together again, the next time I have plans to keep me away from home. Thanks again.                                Judy - Pennington

Jennifer took away the worries we have when leaving our pets in other's care. The care she provided allowed us to enjoy our vacation.                                Linda - Hamilton

Doreen and Nate, thank you so much for caring for our kitty cats we really appreciate all your help and wonderful surprises ! Having the nice texts and messages sent each day really put a smile on our faces. We could tell when we came home and while we were away our babies were well cared for and loved. We were so excited when we saw the printed picture of the kitty cats , detailed comments of the cat's week and the nice poem. That was very thoughtful and kind of you and we were also surprised to see the picture of the outside kitty cat looking through the window saying , hello. Thank you for also including our kitties in your newest members of you family of pets on your website, this is a very genuine and nice idea ! We are over joyed to have you both as our kitty sitters and we will definitely remember you when we go out of town again. If kitties could speak we think Sunshine, Butterfly, Starlight and Coco would say everything was pawwwwsitively purrrrrrfect and can't wait to be cared for and loved again by Aunt Doreen & Uncle Nate!

                                                                        Kim & Joe, Jobstown, NJ

I can't say enough about Jen. The statement "we take care of your kids like they are our kids" is not a motto. It is your philosophy practiced daily and shown in every interaction I have had with Jen. I don't know what I would do without Jen and Tailored Home Care. I mean that truthfully. Many, many thanks.                                                    Paula - Robbinsville, NJ

Everything was perfect and wonderful! We are so thrilled we found such wonderful, sweet and good people.                                                             Bob & Deb - Hamilton, NJ

We can not thank you enough for your amazing care for our 3 boys. To be able to go away and be given peace of mind from your tender care was truly a blessing. As you know the furry family's routine (especially a cat's) is like clock work. You did such a great job with respecting their schedule. You both created such a wonderful presence that this was the first time our boys were not stressed upon our arrival home. Your unintrusive text messages (even the pictures) made us smile and gave us such a good feeling. Not only did you ensure their well-being and happiness, you ensured ours! Your value to us is limitless. Thank you so very much. 

                                                            Paula and Jeff - West Trenton, NJ

Jennifer was very comfortable with Haley and Winnie from the second she met them. She kept us informed each day and was very accessible via e-mail. Our minds were at ease with her caring for them. The service we received was exactly what we needed. We look forward to having Jennifer care for Haley and Winnie the next time we are away!           Tammi & Clair, Hamilton, NJ

The Kids, Scott and I want to thank you for your excellent care of Goober while we were on vacation. We loved the text message pictures and captions of your daily visits. Goober was well rested, relaxed and super happy when we returned. We would recommend your service to anyone thinking about a pet sitter. Tailored Home care is second to none! Great job.         

                                              Linda, Scott, Madison & Thomas - Yardville, NJ

Jennifer, thank you so much. It is so great to be able to go away and not have to worry about anything. I can't tell you how appreciative I am for all you do for us and I am very glad that we have found you!                                                         Teri - Hamilton, NJ 

 Thank you so much for taking care of Rocky. We are glad that it went well. It looks like & sounds like Rocky had a good time and you all got along well. The pictures are great. We are blessed to have you and feel like we have known you for ages. You think of all the details and your "light" shines through with all that you do. We are happy to be on board.  

                                                                      Kate & Mike - Hamilton Sq.

The services provided by Doreen and Nate from Tailored Home Care is one of the best and the most positive experiences we have had in a long time. If you need the most loving, tender, caring, responsible and affordable babysitters for your dogs – please search no more, for TailoredHomeCare is your final destination and the best choice you can make for the sake of your dogs and your own peace of mind. Above all – the entire range of services was performed with utmost care and love. We can’t express our gratitude enough – we had the feeling that the dogs are in the best hands available. The services are more than affordable and we will be using TailoredHomeCare in the future – undoubtedly so. Thank you very much guys and we are looking forward to use your services soon – undoubtedly so!              Katya and Yuryi - Mercervile 

 Thank you for all the joy, love and smiles you scattered in our home each day!  Thank you for loving Cuddles the way you do!   You are amazing to work with!!   We wouldn't go anywhere else:-)                                                                      Belinda & Rich - Newtown, PA 

We're thrilled to be part of the Tailored Home Care Family. All our love, Jack & Meadow (plus their humans) :-)                                                    Heather - Hamilton, NJ 

We are so happy we found you. We were amazed above and beyond with the service you provided. You are two special people. We knew our babies were safe in your hands. Thank you for everything!! You guys completed our perfect vacation.            Carl and Nikki - Bordentown

Knowing you were here for “the pack” helped us relax. Everything was great and exceeded our expectations!  Thanks for taking care of Misty, Cody & Nelly and for tidying up so nicely.  

                                                                 Kevin and Robin - Allentown, NJ 

Doreen, I strongly believe that someone some where sent you to us when we desperately needed it!  I can't thank you enough for your kindness. Charlie completed trusted you and extending his paw was his way of doing that. He does that only to very specific people. You and your husband are very special gifted people for sure and as you know, all animals know the best!  Charlie and Suzie looked so content when I came home. You showed up in our lives just on time. It is just amazing how much difference good care can make and they are healthy kids thanks to you.

                                                                         Asako - Hamilton, NJ 

My pet was a happy little boy. I knew he was happy with his new experience because when Doreen came back a second time, Weslie was so happy to see her. We feel that Weslie is very well taken care of which allows us the freedom to travel without worry.  Even last minute requests are never turned down.                                                Michael & Maryann - Yardville

We feel blessed to have found Tailored Home Care, and to be able to leave Teddi in good hands while we're away. Even during a major snowstorm, Doreen and Nate visited with Teddi as promised. Doreen is an amazing person with whom we trust our baby! Fantastic service by wonderful people! We can always trust and rely on your dependability, responsibility and care. Thank you!!!                                                        Eileenn & George - Robbinsville

I appreciate the care and attention you gave Jessie over the weekend.  You guys are great and I will be calling again.  You are a five star service and we appreciate you. Thank you so much!

                                                                      Mark - Hamilton Square, NJ


Thank you so much. I can't even tell you how much I appreciate the peace of mind with you there. Gaetano was so excited when I told him you were coming. Absolutely having tried two previous established petcareservices, I can speak to the fact that you are spot on with expertise. I have grown confident quickly.                                        Matt - Hamilton, NJ

I can't tell you how happy we are with your services.  Tailored Home Care goes above and beyond all of our expectations. Doreen and Nate treat our boys as if they are their own. We love reading all the reports you leave and the boys seem so well adjusted when we get home. They are so relaxed and don't act strange at all. We also think the daily progress reports add a personal touch that you wouldn't get anywhere else.  You do a fabulous job and we are sincerely grateful. We couldn't have chosen a better person to watch Thomas and Gabriel. We wouldn't improve on a single thing. Thank you again for everything.                       Mike & Jessica - Ewing, NJ

Doreen is so extremely enthusiastic about what she does.  I know that I can count on her for dependable, caring service.  She really wants her clients to be happy.

                                                                         Barbara - Hamilton, NJ

Our pet sitter Renee was very personable and immediately interacted with Sadie during the initial visit.  We were also pleased with the care of our plants and flowers.

                                                                           Sheila - Bensalem, PA

Doreen, thanks for all your help with Mac.  It's nice to know he is well cared for while we are away.                                                                   Blair & TJ - Newtown, PA

Feels like we have known Doreen and Nate forever.  Thank you.    

                                                                     Mark & Maxine - Hamilton, NJ 

As a former pet sitter myself, I totally trust Savanna and Jenn to care for my pets and my home while I’m away. When I come back from being away for a day or a week, my pets are happy and healthy! Savanna is very easy to reach by phone or e-mail and is always ready to help.                                                                                      Camila Harris Photography

Thanks again for your flexibility and working with us on such short notice. We’ll definitely be using your services in the future!                                                Liza – Newtown, PA

Doreen, thank you so much for coming over to get acquainted with Merlin, and for meeting with Ryan and myself. I have to admit, we were a little apprehensive to try the pet-sitting route with a stranger, but you immediately put our minds at ease. Thank you so much for coming over to our apartment and giving Merlin the attention that he very much deserves!!! I know that he enjoyed your visit and will now look forward to the future when you visit him again :) I was able to relax and go about my work today knowing that he was in caring hands. Ryan and I both very much appreciate your time and extreme thoroughness that you had with Merlin, and us :), and look forward to setting up our next appointment in the future. Also, thank you for the adorable pics of Merlin!!! That really was such a nice treat :)              Heather & Ryan - Ewing, NJ

Thank you Savanna for your company when I was away, Coco really enjoyed having you. I know he enjoyed having you around to watch TV with in the evenings. I love my dog, and felt safe leaving Savanna in charge when I took a family trip leaving my pet home alone for the first time. Savanna spent all of her free time over there during the day, and kept my house in order.                                                                                             Sally - Newtown, PA

I have two dogs at home and during the summer I am required to work longer hours. I hired Justin and Caitlin from Tailored Home Care for on the call service when I wasn’t going to be out of work on time. The two of them rotated their schedule to come let my dogs out, and feed them dinner. They also stayed at my home when I took business trips over the weekend. My home was well taken care of, and my pets seemed very comfortable when I returned.                                                                                                         Loretta – Bridgewater, NJ

Jenn has been a big help with our beagle puppy, Dexter. We live in the same neighborhood and she would come over and help us get used to a puppy in the home, as this was mine, and my kids first dog. We were unfamiliar with crate training, and how to walk Dexter on a leash. Jenn came over once a week to help the kids learn how to handle a puppy, and how to teach tricks. Dexter has turned out to be a great member of the family, and Jenn will come over and check on him a few times a day when we go away on family trips. Thank you.          Mary - Middletown, NJ

Pierre and Sophie are very excited to have you come walk them tomorrow. We are sure they will enjoy the time they spend with you. Thank you once again for taking care of our babies while we are away.  It was so sweet of you to take your time to print Pierre and Sophie's pictures!  They truly looked rested and relaxed with you. Knowing this really helps us put our minds at ease.                                                                         Joanne & Simon - Lawrence, NJ

Doreen, you obviously love your work with animals and it shows in your enthusiasm for our cats. Thank you so much. We can’t begin to tell you what this means to us! You are a very special person. No wonder the Kitty's love you.  What we like the most about your service is the convenience and reliability in knowing that a truly caring and experienced professional was caring for our cat's needs while they remained in their own familiar environment.                                                                                                Sharon & Keith – Yardville, NJ

It sounds like you are taking great care of Tucker! We really appreciate that. It puts our minds much more at ease!  Your willingness to help at the last minute has been a complete vacation-saver for us. Having your help makes it possible for us to take in fosters almost all the time, because you are there to help when we leave town for a few days.  Also, thanks for the daily journal and photos!  What a great idea!                                  Nicole & Rachel – Allentown, NJ

I really appreciate the progress notes or what I call Dakota's little "report card".  It makes me feel assured of his care, everything is going well, and he is happy.

                                                            Chris & Sam - Bordentown, NJ

Doreen is an amazing, loving and beautiful human being.  Her care of Molly was incredible.                                                                          Rebekah & Steve - Roebling, NJ

Gunther loves his visits with Aunt Doreen.

Matzi and Nate decide on who is going to lead the next dance. 

Goober feels right at home in his winter element. 

Tyrion and Nico play a little competitive ball game.

Jack and Meadow wait patiently for their evening treat. 

Tuck attempts the great escape during his cage cleaning. 

Madison wonders if the snow will ever melt.

Pierre and Sophie don't let rainy days interfere with their daily walks. 

Since Buddy loves to roll in the dry grass, he has decided to become a lawn care technician. 

Gracie and Been are very proud of their Halloween costumes this year. 

Maisy and Demi love the feel of warm towels. 

Kodie celebrated her 5th birthday in style. She enjoyed wearing her birthday hat and could not wait to eat her homemade cake. 

Merlin welcomes his new baby brother Jitsu to the family.

Charlie listens carefully as Mooch tells him his favorite bedtime story. 

Mac gets his "good boy" treats and praise from Domenick after a nice walk.

The cat is out of the bag!

Moose and Madison relax after their play time.

Macy and Uncle Nate share some after dinner chat time.

Leo loves hanging out on the deck with family & friends. 

Mr. Pushkin is such a ham for the camera.

Bridget loves being on her "tower of power".

Cheese is saying to Pink, "hey....up there."

In April of 2012, Gregg and Melissa held Chloe's 9th Birthday Bash at their store, the Bag of Bones Barkery in Hamilton.  It was a fabulous event, full of fun festivities.  More than 2,000 folks enjoyed this marvelous day.  The weather was perfect and they had the opportunity to meet numerous product vendors & manufacturers, offering so many products and deep discounts.       
So many pet friendly companies, rescue groups & vendors had the awesome opportunity to interact and meet many people and their pets. 
Again in April of 2013, Gregg & Melissa celebrated Chloe's 10th Birthday Bash at their store.  Once again Tailored Home Care was fortunate enough to partake in this fantastic day which was filled with wonderful activities.  There were so many pet parents visiting which made this a day filled with so many wonderful memories.
As you can see, the Birthday Girl Chloe (above center) was all smiles for her celebration. 
Bag of Bones hosted their 6th Anniversary Celebration in October.  As you can see everyone had a great time. 
Rex and Roxy get ready for their birthday celebration.  No one parties like these 2 siblings. 

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