Our caring and professional services provide pet parents with peace of mind while reducing a pet's anxiety by having them stay in their own familiar surroundings. When you are traveling away from home, we are advocates who will give them the unconditional love and attention that they deserve. 

"If you have never loved an animal, your soul has not yet been awakened."  Anonymous


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Cash and Checks Accepted 



NJ - Mercer/No. Burlington

    PA - Lower Bucks

Our pet sitters are Insured and Bonded in NJ & PA.  They are also required to pass a complete background screening.

We now offer "Poop Patrol" Services. Details can be found on our Services & Rates page.

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Bag of Bones Barkery

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Our "ABOUT US" page provides additional information on our exciting partnerships and their exemplary services. 


Offering much more than pet friendly accommodations.


Kiwi is head over heels about his new food.

Huck is quite the athlete.

"Leo" and "Cali"







Meet the newest members of our family. Delilah is the proud new mommy of these tiny fluffy bundles. We are happy to report that Mom and babies are doing well.


Jitsu tries to figure out how to detach the ball from the spring. 

 Max loves his lounge time.

  Ruby is very comfy on her favorite couch after a nice afternoon walk.


  Frodo doesn't mind wearing his designer cone. 

  Bugzy stays nice and cozy in his favorite blanket.

Chance is almost successful at opening up the back door.

 William and Bob love their special game of fetch.

Rebel, Roxy and Rex are waiting for their playtime.

A boy and his toy.

Audrey tests out the new table top in her home.

Bolt is really quite the high jumping athlete.


Fetch More Comfort for Your Pet While You're Away...

...with Our Superior Services

 Please visit the "Why Choose Us" page that lists additional services for which we NEVER CHARGE A FEE.

 Tye is able to multi-task.  He can enjoy some well deserved love from Deb while holding his favorite ball.


Our first encounter with you and your pet is a “Meet & Greet” session for which this is never a charge. This enables your pets to interact and start the bonding process with their sitter. This initial meeting is probably the most important aspect of the pet sitting experience since a great deal of information is exchanged, so when the actual services begin our focus is catering to your pet's individualized service plan as discussed during the initial Meet and Greet.



DOGGIE VISITS: $22 - additional same day visits: $17
30-40 minutes at each visit.  Let us know what you would like done at each visit so we can keep your pet on their regular schedule while you are away from home.    

KITTY CARE: 1 Daily Visit: $22 - 2 Daily Visits: $39.00
For those with only cats.  We recommend one visit per day for short trips and two visits per day for trips over a week long.  We will spend 30 minutes at your home to feed and play with your kittys. This service includes daily litter box scooping and free litter box changes for the duration period of our care. There is no charge for additional litter boxes.     

HOME CARE: 1 Daily Visit: $17.00
For those folks without pets OR those pet parents who travel with their pets. We can check on your home while you are away by collecting mail, newspapers, watering plants, adjusting blinds, and other personalized services. THIS COMES FREE OF CHARGE WITH ANY PET CARE VISIT.     

DOG WALKING: $22.00 per visit
A 30-minute visit for interactive walks or "potty" breaks.  Great for puppies, and older dogs.  We highly recommended this service for "pet parents" who work 8 hours or more a day.   


No one wants to step in dog feces and not realize it until it is tracked through your home and is embedded in your shoes, floors and rugs. Let us help you maintain  a safety and healthy environment for both you and your family to enjoy.  It eliminates potential health hazards and disease which can be caused by accumulation of feces.

We will scoop your entire yard and dispose of all the waste in the place that you designate.  If you prefer, we can remove all waste in our containers and take it with us for a minimal disposal fee.

Our shoes and tools are clean and sanitized prior to arriving at your residence so you never have to worry about cross contamination issues. We will also ensure that all gates and doors are secure prior to our leaving your property. 

We offer any schedule you prefer:  daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, year round, or let us help you select a schedule that best fits your needs.  We are available 7 days a week. 

Whether you are constantly on the go, have trouble getting around, or you just don’t want to deal with dog poop, we have the solution for you. 

**Prices start at $15, depending upon property size, frequency of service and number of dogs.

Although we do not offer overnight visits, we can accommodate multiple daily and evening visits so your furry family members can remain in their own home environment.    

Should you have a pet with special needs and thought that they could not be accommodated, fear not....Tailored Home Care provides this service.  In addition to the wonderful care we provide, we have the expertise to care for those furry family members have special needs.

Tailored Home Care now offers dog training, with true professionals who are not only certified, but have expertise in positive behavior modification, obedience, and guide dog training. They are firm believers that every dog is capable of achieving great things through positive reinforcement and education. We
are so excited to offer this  expertise to you.

We can help you memorialize your beloved family member in a very unique and individualized way by creating a one of a kind dedication that portrays them as seen through your eyes, heart and soul. Click on the "Enzo's Angels" tab below for more information.

Receive a 50% discount on your next scheduled visit along with a gift certificate to the Bag of Bones Barkery when you refer a friend or family member to Tailored Home Care.

"Reference Library" - Free  
We have a reference library on a number of articles from seasonal safety tips to first aid to disaster planning. These materials not only keeps our clients up to date and well informed, but includes other valuable information that all pet parents should know. 


Tailored Photo Shoots of your pets, in your home, or a selected location.  Your Pets will get to feel like a star with special treatment, treats, and pictures.  We capture your dogs true smile and personality in their favorite settings.  Basic Photos include 1: 8 x 10 2: 5x7 of 1-3 of your selected pictures.  $75.00 for time, travel, picture development & delivery. visit www.jennro.com




             "Sam"                                "Frankie"


"There are hundreds of good reasons for having a cat, but all you need is one."                          Anonymous




  "Luke & Emmet"

Whether Big or Small.......We Love Them All.




Leo, Cali and Molly don't know if their dinner is coming or going.



Cody and Nelly enjoy some brisk winter play while pulling a sled.




Gracie and Bean loved wearing their favorite costumes for Holloween.




    Dakota says...."I need a moment".       



 Madison and Rocky love to cuddle.    Koa models her winter coat.



   Adorable Lexi waits for her treat.


  Ami is quite the sweet little parakeet.  


  Chance, Cody & Hailey.....LOVE!


 Charlie & Katie love to play soccer.    





"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."  



Charlie loves to be hugged.


Mac enjoys some after dinner chat with Nate.


Xena spends some play time with Little Charlize.


Brando takes an ice-cube break with Domenick. 


Is Nate taking Goober for a walk or is Goober taking Nate for a walk?

Moosya & Tima wait patiently for dinner to be served. 


Diva and Kali can't quite figure out how to unravel this piece of yarn.


Stout heard there were tryouts for the Doggie Olympics.


Archie loves his new winter overcoat.


Gunther and Doreen share some "smoogie" time.

 Nothing is more bonded than two siblings.

 Rex and Roxy...so bonded.

 Spooky's favorite place.

   Lou enjoys the festivities at Chloe's Birthday Bash.

  Bailey loves to ride in her stroller. 

 We'd really like to go out and play now.

Murphy waits for his favorite bedtime story.

Felina is bored with office work and really needs to go out for some fresh air.

WOW......new place for us to take naps.  Thanks Mom.



Cash and checks accepted.

All pets must be up to date on their immunizations & a current rabies certificate must be presented prior to the commencement of services.  


Contact us at (866) 382-6693 for complete
pet sitting services that make your absence less stressful for your pets.